Storesupport is Rebranding to Offer You Even More!

Storesupport is super excited to announce a complete rebrand. We’ve got a fresh new look and feel as well as some innovative new services to help bring your in-store merchandising and your online merchandising better in line. We are committed to continually providing you with what you need to drive your brand at retail – and this rebrand is just another way we are doing so! Want to know what’s new? Read on!

What new services are we talking about? In addition to the existing suite of retail merchandising services, including brand ambassadors, retail audits, planogram compliance and emergency services, we now offer digital services to help merge your in-store and online efforts!

Storesupport Canada has partnered with Marketing Force, a Canadian digital marketing agency, to provide our clients with leading-edge programs and services to ensure that your customers are served no matter where they are viewing your products.

Digital Brand Management

Digital brand management is a component of social media marketing essential for all brands with presences online. Keeping up-to-date with what’s going on online, ensuring your brand is represented well, both on your own social media sites as well as those of your retailers, makes all the difference when it comes to listening and engaging with your customers. Our digital brand management services include community management, reputation and crisis management and, of course, social media marketing.

Digital Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are your front-line assets when it comes to getting the word out about your brand; they are the perfect go-between to keep you connected with your targets. Public events represent an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience – both at an event and online. By taking advantage of digital brand ambassadors, you can connect your in-person events with your online communities through live Tweeting, sharing event images, even answering questions in real-time, thus achieving more visibility and engagement.

Digital Retail Merchandisers

If you’re already investing in retail merchandising, you know how crucial it is to be aware of what’s going on in-store. The same should be said of your e-commerce offerings. Just as with bricks and mortar, if a retailer’s e-commerce site is not listing or promoting your product well, your customers may just turn to a competitor. When it comes to e-commerce, your customer service has to be top-notch and digital retail merchandising can help you reach that goal. Digital retail merchandisers provide your online support by reviewing your retailers’ sites to ensure proper representation and to correct any issues!

At Storesupport, we strive to offer you the best, all the time. We’re excited to see what the future holds. For more about our total rebranding or to learn more about our newest services, please visit us online at

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