Retail Trends…It’s No Longer About Opening the Location or the Site

Retail disruption is the name of the game. Thanks to various factors, retailers in Canada are now having to move at a much quicker pace to adapt to the changing needs of the retail landscape. Canadian retail trends dictate that you can no longer adhere firmly to those traditional modes of operation and hope to succeed.

According to a recent Canadian Retailer article, “Grocers in every region across the country are actively pursuing ways to diversify their businesses, streamline operations and create greater efficiency, all with an eye on enhancing the shopping experience for their customers…Canadian grocers are refreshing the very idea of the grocery store.”

Here are a few Canadian retail trends to consider moving forward.

Ecommerce, or at least some amalgamation of online and in-store. Customers, it is undeniable, like the convenience of online shopping, so if you’ve been considering the move to, or improvement of, ecommerce offerings in addition to what you already provide, now is the time to do it. This is especially true for grocery with the recent Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods. While the threat of ecommerce isn’t as concerning for CPG, it is becoming more challenging.

More interactive tech in-store. People are really getting used to the appearance of technology in-store, whether at the shelf, via mobile, or even just when used in various visual merchandising displays. This has proven to be an effective way to boost customer engagement and get people interested when they are shopping. Retail trends suggest this will continue to grow and stores will need to deploy interactive technology to compete.

Social engagement. Whether you want to accept it or not, your customers are online. They’re searching for your products and reading reviews all the time. This online research has a major influence on consumer behaviour and making sure that you are doing everything you can to engage your customers online is the best way to ensure positive interactions. Keeping track of and replying to reviews – both good and bad – goes a long way towards building that positive brand reputation online and encouraging sales.

When it comes to retail trends, it is crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening. We strive to keep you up-to-date. Want to find out more or get a strategy in place that takes advantage? Storesupport is here for you. Get in touch today by calling 1-877-421-5081.


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