Retail Merchandising Over the Summer Holidays

Retail MerchandisingThe Labour Day holiday weekend marks the official end of summer, and the stores are filled with a variety of shoppers stocking up for the various items this weekend represents. And it isn’t just consumers taking advantage. Summer long weekends area major boon for retailers for many reasons’ so making the most of it is just a smart business practice. Here are some ways to reap the benefits of this retail merchandising win.

Retail Merchandising: Camping. Consumers heading out to brave the traffic over the long weekend will need to stock up before they head out, so marketing to this crowd can equal big profits. Whether tent camping or cottage camping, families will want those quintessential “camping” necessities: marshmallows, sunscreen and bug spray, even gear. Make the most of these “needs” with a retail merchandising plan that caters to the campers by ensuring shelves are well stocked and any sales are well marked. Consider an in-store promotion or experiential marketing campaign to attract shoppers and get them spending.

Retail Merchandising: BBQs. Most long weekends of the summer mean a BBQ, and the Labour Day holiday weekend is no exception. Again, this is an area where an experiential marketing campaign can be a big win. Set up an in-store BBQ, providing live product samplings. Live product samplings are one of the best ways to shift brand loyalty. A consumer who stops to sample your product, if they like it will be likely to buy.

Retail Merchandising: Back-to-School. The shopping bonanza that comes with the end of summer can be a retail goldmine, but with it can come extra-long line ups or empty shelves. Retail floors quickly become disheveled as back-to-school shoppers pick things up, put things down and dig through products looking for deals. It is important to have a strong plan with respect to retail merchandising and back to school shoppers. If customers can’t find what they are looking for at your store, they will likely turn to a competitor; and this can have not only short term but long term impacts as well, especially with regards to customer loyalty. Make sure that you are prepared to avoid lost sales by having the necessary people support required to make the weekend a sales success.

Retail merchandising doesn’t have to be a challenge. Retail merchandising companies that offer wide coverage often have people scheduled to attend the stores where your products are sold for other brands anyways. A retail merchandising company that can plan and execute promotional or experiential marketing campaigns, provide extra staff support and more…

For more information about how to turn the summer holidays into a potential retail merchandising pot of gold please contact Storesupport today by calling 1-877-421-5081.

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