Retail Disaster: Do These Images Represent a Positive Customer Experience?

In today’s retail environment, customer experience plays a major role in not only the perception of your brand, but also your level of customer loyalty. A happy customer is far more likely to both return to your store and purchase your product. They are also far more likely to recommend you to friends and family, or even to the world at large thanks to social media. Knowing this, how do you think these images work when it comes to customer experience? Do these represent a positive customer experience?

customer experience

If your store is a mess, trust us, customers notice! No one wants to have to step over piles of stuff on the floor (nor are most willing to purchase items they deem dirty thanks to the mess). And not only does this impact your customer experience, it can turn into a legal hassle if someone gets hurt!

Long line ups are the bane of a shopper’s existence, and having to stand around makes people cranky – and can sometimes have a huge impact on customer loyalty. Continually having to wait in line inevitably leads to choosing a different store where the line ups tend not to be such a problem.

Target Canada had to deal with customer blow-back thanks to empty shelves – one could argue that this issue played a part in their ultimate demise – and we all know how this customer service issue impacts the overall customer experience. Shelves should NEVER look like this (and for most they likely don’t), but even a few empty spaces or the inability to find what one is looking for, or even an alternative, can have customers leaving the store in droves.

Don’t let a lack of people support impact the customer experience you deliver. Messy aisles, long line ups and empty shelves are all, for the most part, a direct result of not enough staff.

Feel like these issues only arise at particular points in the year, during the summer holidays for example? Don’t want to hire, train, and then lay off seasonal staff? Find a merchandising company that can offer trained, experienced, professional staff members, on a temporary basis, right when you need them. This not only saves you time and money, you can be sure these customer service issues are handled!

For more about people support that meets your needs and customers’ expectations, please call Storesupport today at 1 877 421 5081.

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