Marketing to Baby Boomers: Closing the Generation Gap

marketing to baby boomersWe all know that not all shoppers are the same, so why, when it comes to age, do we market to them as though they were? In the retail world, as with almost every industry, the generation gap has created quite a stir in recent years, but surprisingly a fair number still refuse to acknowledge that age matters.

If you’ve come to realize that your marketing needs an overhaul, but find that most advice tends to cater more to a younger crowd (read: Millennials), you are not alone, but we can help. Check out this great article from Magic Online:

The article, “Four Ways to Market to Baby Boomers in 2015,” gives some great information about why and how to market to baby boomers.

The why? It is simple; according to the article, over the next several years, “it is estimated that the Baby Boomers population will more than double to 161 million people. Right now, less than 5% of all advertising dollars are spent on Baby Boomers, a large, growing, wealthy and winnable demographic.” Do you really need a better reason? We doubt it.

The how? Here are the 4 tips:

1) Know that Boomers are tech savvy – get rid of the notion that only Millennials are using their devices to shop, compare, read reviews.

2) Target Boomers, but don’t ignore everyone else – in your effort to capture these consumers, don’t then alienate other groups.

3) Stay transparent and recognize that trust is everything – Boomers are as loyal as they’ve always been, but this comes when they trust a brand. Ignore this fact and lose their loyalty.

4) Don’t market to them as if they’re old – they are well aware of their age, but no one wants to be reminded of the fact that we are aging.

Finally getting the picture that marketing to Baby Boomers specifically is a need that can no longer be ignored? Use these four tips to create a strategy that meets their needs, and therefore yours.

For more about targeting and marketing to Baby Boomers, please contact Storesupport Canada today. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the generation gap in retail: 1 877 421 5081.

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