Keep Them Coming Back: Customer Service Tips

Customer service, especially in today’s digital age, is so important. Now, more than ever before, customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) is well known. Customers won’t hesitate to strike back at retailers who have failed to meet their needs or provide great customer service.  So, knowing this, we’d like to share that great infographic from MyCustomer.

customer service skilss

Your employees are your best line of defensive against bad reviews on social media and overall bad customer service. If they know your products, are attentive and respectful in how they deliver that knowledge, are honest, patient and responsible, you will have a much better chance of keeping customers happy.

Customer service is your bread and butter in retail – customers want to know that they are appreciated, or, at the very least, important – and of course they are – they are what keeps your doors open. Show them a little extra attention.

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