Improve Your In-Store Marketing: 2015-2016 Food Trends

People like food. Of course it is a necessity, but for the world’s foodies it is also a source of enjoyment, entertainment and pleasure. And as such, food trends represent a huge opportunity when it comes to your in-store marketing. The hottest dishes, favoured by both professional chefs and amateur cooking enthusiasts alike, are becoming about far more than just taste (although of course that still reigns supreme).

So what are these trends? Check out this great infographic from The Food People. Based on current trends and future predictions, here are the food trends for 2015 and 2016:


So what are the hottest trends in food?

  • Multi-sensory is huge – all part of the experience
  • Hybrid veggies are also becoming increasingly popular – think broccoflower
  • Rise of fermentation
  • Ethnically insired breakfasts
  • Modernised and reinterpreted classics

People really want:

  • Food with a conscience
  • Food with a story
  • Simple and natural
  • Uniqueness/creativity/something different
  • Overall, a great food experience

How are you using these trends as part of your in-store marketing strategy? If you want some help taking advantage of all they represent, call Storesupport today at 905.847.6513.

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