Holiday Experiential Marketing Campaigns Conducted by Brands Increase Sales Substantially

As a brand, you know that the holidays often represent a crucial period of potential growth for your brand. The stores are filled with those shoppers looking for the best products and the best deals. So how can you attract them to your brand? Experiential marketing campaigns provide a unique chance to attract and build connections with customers – both loyal and prospective.

Leveraging experiential marketing enables you to undergo meaningful campaigns that engage the customer through experience – creating an emotional connection to your brand. Interacting with customers using sensory experience allows you to create important relationships based on a direct experience with your product and to begin to build that brand loyalty that is crucial to your brand’s success. Common forms of experiential marketing campaigns include product demonstrations and product sampling, and rather than just telling people about your product, experiential marketing campaigns allow them to experience the benefits for themselves.

The stats about experiential marketing are compelling. A study done by the Event Marketing Institute on experiential marketing campaigns found that 58% of consumers said that they purchased the product or brand after an experiential marketing event that let them experience the product for themselves, while 86% revealed that they became a regular customer afterwards. Furthermore, 71% of those surveyed said that they felt a stronger connection with the brand after the campaign, leading to further brand loyalty.

We all know that the holidays are a busy time. Having a plan in place before they arrive is prudent, as during the holiday season things can become very hectic. Working with a merchandising company to plan and have the resources in place to launch a holiday campaign will ensure that you take maximum advantage of the opportunity that the holidays represent.

Take this study done by a New York marketing firm as an example of the potential that exists during the holiday season. Focusing on the effectiveness of experiential marketing campaigns, the firm broke down its engagement levels with regard to time, finding that on average, customers interacted with brand ambassadors for an average of 40 seconds. During these 40 second engagements with 120 000 people, brand ambassadors were able to create an emotional connection to the brand that was equal to approximately 1.1 million 15-second television commercials. Taking into consideration the power of a television commercial during the holiday season, it is imperative to recognize how important customer engagement is, especially at the point of retail.

Looking at case studies of work done by experienced marketing company Storesupport demonstrate just how effective experiential marketing campaigns can be:

Case study #1: A well-known juice brand wanted to complete an experiential marketing campaign during the busy holiday season to gain brand recognition and engage customers to increase customer loyalty. Storesupport was called in to assist, providing consultants who ensured effective product placement and a positive customer experience. Within four weeks, the brand achieved a 96% distribution rate within the stores thanks to the power of the experiential marketing campaign.

Case study #2: A healthy cooking oil new to the market was looking for increased brand exposure and customer loyalty. Storesupport was brought in to conduct experiential marketing which included in-store taste testing. Providing an experienced, professional team of brand ambassadors, Storesupport helped the brand increase their sales in these markets substantially and build brand exposure and clients for their brand.

These represent just two of the many success stories that illustrate just how effective an experiential marketing campaign can be. Taking advantage of the increased traffic visible during the holiday season, an efficient experiential marketing campaign can help to get your name out there and increase customer loyalty and brand recognition by letting customers try your product for themselves.

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