Brand Loyalty Blog Series: Does Location Really Matter?

brand loyaltyOnline vs. bricks and mortar; a common opposition al statement made in the retail industry today. The rise of online shopping has led to a great number of changes within the retail sphere, especially when it comes to bricks and mortar locations.

This 3rd blog in our brand loyalty blog series looks at location, specifically online vs. bricks and mortar. When it comes to a shopper’s loyalty, does location really matter?

The path to a purchase is a complex one, and now, more than ever, the lines between online and bricks and mortar are blurred. However, when it comes to loyal customers, there are a number of reasons why bricks and mortar locations still maintain a strong and steadfast hold on the majority of sales.

  1. In-person help and the in-store experience. A recent study done by eMarketer found that among digital shoppers worldwide, 72% of shoppers still feel the traditional bricks and mortar experience is preferable, and immediate assistance plays a major role in this.
  2. While the convenience of online shopping seems to be a major threat, the seeing and touching (or what retail experts are calling “trial and testing”) is actually what drives purchasing behaviour the most. Research might be done online, but the majority of the purchases are done in-store where the consumer can actually get a feel for what they are buying.
  3. Immediate possession vs. waiting for delivery. Even if consumers pay extra for expedited shipping, the lure of immediate possession of an item is still incredibly attractive.

As mentioned, high levels of service and the easy availability of items makes bricks and mortar locations more attractive to many. Because of this, retailers and brands alike need to ensure that things are always running smoothly in-store. Keeping shelves stocked, all the time, and having knowledgeable employees willing to offer information and assistance is crucial. Manageable line-ups that don’t mean a ten-minute wait at the cash are also a big factor.

However, ignoring online all together may not serve you well either. That doesn’t mean that you need to be providing online shopping capabilities, it just means that you should at least have some kind of online presence to help increase and maintain brand loyalty no matter where you are located.

Keeping customers brand loyal when it comes to location takes work – but part of the work is already done for you just by having a physical location customers can go to.

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