Avoiding Customer Service Slumps and Setbacks

Customer ServiceService, service, service. In the retail industry, this is something we hear on a regular basis, so much so that it sometimes becomes a broken record, one that we are almost too willing to tune out. Sometimes customer service takes a backseat in exchange for other, seemingly more pertinent, issues – but this really shouldn’t ever be the case. Avoiding customer service slumps and setbacks should be a top priority, always.

Here are some tips to take to the bank. Perhaps it is time to rethink those all too common conceptions and change your perspective.

–        Slow things down. What? Yes, stop rushing. Dealing with customer service sometimes leads to rushing things along, but sometimes taking the slower route is actually more effective. Speedy service might be important, but so is good service – and sometimes the two can’t be delivered simultaneously. In this case, a happy customer is always better served than one who is unhappily rushed out the front door.

–        Take customer feedback seriously. Again, more common sense, but sometimes this is easily lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day grind. Even when a customer receives service that they are unsatisfied with, they may not complain, and so if they do, you should take the time to act accordingly. If the complaint is serious, rather than a disgruntled individual complaining about something irrelevant, think about how you can remedy the problem and then take the steps to remedy it. Customer feedback is valuable when utilized correctly – so take advantage of it.

–        Find a balance – know when to be present and when to get out of the way. We all know how annoying it can be to have someone hover around waiting to be needed, asking if any help is required. However, we also know how frustrating it can be to need help only to have to search all over the store to find it. Make sure that you have enough staff on hand to handle customer queries, to ensure shelves are stocked, and to ring people through, but also make sure that employees know that hovering is often highly unwanted.

–        Invest in your employees. No matter what you do, you will always have those employees that are not really all that concerned with how a customer is treated – and they need to be rooted out as soon as possible. But sometimes other employees just need a little boost and some encouragement. Utilize training methods that are effective yet engaging, and encourage motivation and high levels of service through recognition. After all, your levels of customer service will only ever be a good as those providing it.

Keep customer services levels high at all times – the benefits are undeniable. For more tips on how to easily keep customer service at the top of your priority list, all the time, please contact Storesupport today by calling 1-877-421-5081.

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